About the founder

Hi, I am Arpee Shah, BCom, PG Diploma from NMIMS, having acquired my CFP certification in 2012.

Passionately pursued finance as a keen learner and then as a mentor to many over my 19+ years progressive experience with specific expertise in Financial Planning, Mutual Funds, PMS, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Distributor Relationship Management, Strategy, Sales, HR, Recruitment & Training & Development.

I am an avid creator of financial roadmaps for my clients, so that they achieve all that they aspire for.

My Mantra -Planning for the future while rejoicing the present in a debt free & stress free way. Today you work hard for earning your money ... ensure your money too works hard for your future !

Major Assignments -

  • Spearheaded Wealth Management division in a financial services firm catering to mid and senior management executives of top notch corporates like Reliance, TCS, BPCL, J&J etc. Here I strived for better optimization of their earnings & savings through investments in PMS, Properties, AIFs and also provided hands-on industry training to many young CFPs

  • Headed entire product strategies for a start-up wherein I utilised my technical knowledge of various investment products

  • Managed large financial distributors for one of top insurance companies

Our Mission

We're on a mission to change the way the personal finance industry works. Rather than offering one service or another, we want to combine as many and make our clients financially strong. Our plan is like a customized woven blanket which shall give comfort across seasons & generations! Our clients goals are our goals!

Our Vision

We want offer a debt free and stress free life to our clients. To better our clients financial pursuits and to help them up their standard of living, provide a solid backing to the NexGen and live their retirement years with their heads held high! After all, the second innings should be twice the fun!

Your financial buddy !!